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Mission Statement

There exists in every honorable man the will to fight.  The will to sacrifice himself for those he loves.  To give his very body and soul to protect his clan.  His family.  His friends.  His people.  They are worth suffering for.  Their livelihood, their love, their happiness are worth more than any bastion of wealth that can tempt their lust.  Men, in all their glorious valor, are willing to sacrifice themselves for their people.  To fight for them.  To die for them.

Evil exists.  It is real.  Much of mankind has fallen victim to its nefarious, tempting ways, but have also valiantly brawled against it since the dawn of our existence.  The disgust and anger we feel when we witness our fellow man being manipulated by the strings of malevolent puppeteers comes from our hard-achieved virtue.  Our absolute and unwavering defiance in the face of unimaginable wickedness that grips the hearts and the minds of so many around us is our motivation.  That defiance comes out of love.  We love who we put behind us and face the monsters in front of us.  We put ourselves between our loved ones and the vile, atrocious, corrupt villains of this world who wish only to do them harm.

But, we cannot face the greatest evil with swords, no matter how much we desire to.  Would it be of utmost satisfaction to grab our weapons, take to the streets, and rat out the snakes preying upon the innocent?  To descend upon them like a mob of hellfire?  To drop them out of helicopters, Augusto Pinochet-style?  Perhaps, but that is not the way.  It is not right, nor is it a feasible solution.  This war – the fight for civilization, for our right to live freely, for our children’s and grandchildren’s and great-grandchildren’s futures – is a war of the mind.  A battle of the wits.  A skirmish of ideas and ideals the likes of which the world has never seen.  And the stakes have never been higher.

If a man is willing to fight and die for something, should he not also be willing to live for it?  Courage exists not just in immediate sacrifice but also in the will to survive.  Dedication to stopping and reversing this madness the world now finds itself in requires not firing a gun or jumping on a grenade or rioting in the streets but in the pushback against insanity and cultural suicide.  We must protect our civilization and our people if we are to lead an honorable life.  And we can do so peacefully.  This battle has not come to the point where we require physical violence, even if some are keen to use it against us.  There is still time left, if only a little.  And we have every obligation to defend what has been handed down to us by our forefathers.  We must ensure a better world for future generations.  We have no right to squander this great gift of civilization and leech off of the unborn’s futures.

Through debates, humor, encouragement, philosophy, truth-telling, peaceful parenting, charity, and virtue, we will halt the spread of degeneracy and self-destruction.  We will rebuild what has been lost.  We will lift ourselves and each other to our greatest potentials.  We will give the next generation something to live by and be proud of, and they in turn will enhance this gift and hand it to the generation after as humanity moves forward.

So long as we live in a world where children are so directionless and feel so hopeless that they hang themselves from trees, that people behead and torture each other over ideology and religion, that innocent people are unjustly persecuted, that entire ethnicities face genocide in their own countries, and that the unborn are left with unimaginable debts of which they will never be able to pay from benefits they will never see, we must and we will wage war through words, not swords, if at all possible.

Our campaign is not only about spreading awareness on important issues.  It is about giving and teaching empathy in a world of self-centered, self-righteous, self-destructive, selfish people who can’t quite see the great perils, to both society at large and each individual, looming over the horizon. It is also about exposing corruption and deceit designed to manipulate, and the dangers of social engineering. 

We are here to provide that imperative outlook for humanity.

Disclaimer: As for any material/images we use that we didn’t create, we strive to, when reasonably convenient, provide links within the images to the sources from which we find them so the original producers of that content are properly acknowledged.  Unfortunately, this is not always possible as some of the material used is from edited memes and such found on the Internet and the sources cannot be found with reasonable effort.  If for any reason the owners of such material deem this unacceptable, they may specify their concerns by shooting us an email at and we may remove and replace such content.  We typically use images for comedic, educational,  journalistic, and parody purposes and in no way claim ownership of them.

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