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Imperative Outlooks

  • Freedomain Radio – World’s largest, most important philosophy show teaching individualism, self-knowledge, and rationality, and much more


  • Stefan Molyneux – Host and founder of Freedomain Radio, helping countless people overcome personal obstacles and bringing light to otherwise complicated and difficult subjects


  • Black Pigeon Speaks – Site and channel breaking down complex societal issues and phenomena driving the world to the metaphorical cliff’s edge


  • Wikileaks – Organization exposing governmental and corporate corruption, misdeeds, lies, and cover-ups often classified and hidden from citizenry


  • SMV4K – Initiative launched with the purpose of assisting K-selected (based on the r/K selection theory) men and women in finding stable, compatible, virtuous partners


  • Lauren Southern – Independent journalist, author, activist, and outspoken Internet personality enlightening her followers of crucial information concerning the fate of western civilization


  • Christopher Cantwell – Anarchist, atheist, asshole – Creator and host of Radical Agenda, bringing an entertaining and audacious, yet important, view on the state of the world and fight against totalitarian Communism to the forefront


  • Bill Whittle – Commentator, writer, director, and much more, Bill does a lot of humorous and informative work pointing out the faults of socialism and the strengths of capitalism and aspects of western society


  • Mike Cernovich – Author and mindset expert breaking some of the newest and most controversial stories regarding politics, as well as exposing lies and misinformation touted by the mainstream media


  • Scott Adams – Author, comic artist, and entrepreneur, often discussing important and original aspects of political thinking via his blog


  • Vox Day – Video game designer, publisher, author, philosopher, and founder and lead editor of Castalia House, publishing important and controversial works and more


  • Freedom Project Academy – Alternative to government education for students, teaching Christian values and free of marxist propaganda, to provide a traditional and effective learning program for children


  • Paul Joseph Watson – Alternative media personality on Infowars, presenting important information and uncovering lies of the mainstream media


  • Dr. Jordan B. Peterson – Successful author, distinguished professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, founder of Self Authoring, and much more, he challenges narratives, instills reason, and provides information to students and anyone willing to listen


  • Styxhexenhammer666 – YouTube political analyst intelligently outlining information crucial to understanding world politics and government


  • Self Authoring – Programs designed to help people understand themselves and their experiences in life through writing about their past, present, and future in an autobiographical format
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