#27: Disinterest in Politics is Acceptance of Tyranny

Politics is an exceptionally complicated matter.  It’s a game with near-infinite variables and numerous, changing players who rarely speak the truth.  It’s messy and difficult to uncover reality from the mounds of manipulation and deceit.  Everyone has an agenda and ideologies are used to acquire power.  The media doesn’t report on it objectively and too many facts are hidden from public view.  Debates often descend into insults and hyper-emotionality.  Taking stances on political issues can be dangerous; it can result in losses of job opportunities and end entire relationships.  Indeed, the current state of modern political discourse bears enormous disincentives for an individual to become involved.


People see this reality and become discouraged from participating.  They wish to maintain or improve their station in life and see the potential pitfall of politics as unworthy of the risk, especially when there is no perceived reward.  Besides, they may have children to raise, careers to expand, friends to see, or classes to attend.  They have lives to live.  What good is it to get involved in politics when you have your own problems to sort out, or goals to achieve?  


turklerin-mac-totemi-ise-gitmeyip-hasta-numarasi-yapmak-51836-05062015144518Unfortunately, the ignorant masses who subscribe to TV pay-per-view services to watch football instead of learning about politics and engaging in political discussions are not acting in their best interest.  They are leaving themselves and their children wide open to exploitation via the state, the most powerful weapon in the world.  This weapon may as well be (and ultimately is) a gun pressed to the head of every citizen to get them to do the bidding of the wielder.  Like Romans drawn to bread and circuses, the people mesmerize themselves with gossip, the latest consumer product, and professional sports.  Those who lust for power love the mindless compliance of the masses.  It makes their enslavement much easier to maintain.



It’s actually over 20 trillion now

By refusing to participate in or at least pay attention to the current political situation, one leaves control of the state entirely up to whoever can acquire it.  In democratic elections, the ignorant masses vote with their emotions rather than with any logical goal in mind, which leads to the worst of the worst gaining enormous amounts of unparalleled power because they can easily sway the people into electing them.  Politicians then sell off the futures of the unborn in order to “borrow” money in the here and now.  And, if people really care about their children, then they should try to leave them a stable, more peaceful world than the one they themselves inherited.  That means changing the political climate of the nation and the west as a whole.



Politicians are able to discreetly pass legislation hostile to the people’s interests so long as they are distracted or careless.  They prey upon people’s apathy.  The unwillingness of the populace to challenge bad ideas lead to the 1965 Immigration Act which is shifting the demographics of the U.S.  The average person’s disinterest in the political reality in which they live is an open invitation to exploitation.  While it would be nice if we lived in a world where everyone could worry about just themselves, their families, and their communities, that desire does not transcend beyond the imagination.  Those who pull the strings of the federal government have made sure of that.  


This game will continue until reality strikes down all who ignored it.  They will inevitably feel the consequences of their inaction, and they will be unprepared for the massive societal changes that will be thrust upon them.



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