#23: The Pidgin Chronicle

State-run programs aren’t exactly known for their efficiency or effectiveness in achieving desired goals.  They have this nasty habit of promising great and often noble endeavors and then doing the exact opposite.  The American government’s prestigious list of accomplishments includes widespread welfare dependency, near-infinite national debt, funding terrorism and then sacrificing tens of thousands of soldiers fighting it in perpetual war, desecrating the family structure, demographically replacing the native white population with third-worlders, and generally disregarding the Constitution when it becomes an inconvenient obstacle, all in a strategic effort to commit cultural suicide.


Undoubtedly, it is difficult to top such resounding successes, and although the United Kingdom has also largely embraced the aforementioned cultural suicide strategies, they apparently decided they were lacking in the ridiculousness department and felt they could aspire to outdo the U.S.  As such, they took it upon themselves to frugally spend taxpayer money in a most imperative ambition that will surely bring immense value to UK citizens.


The BBC, otherwise known as Basic Bitch Communists, is a taxpayer-funded entertainment corporation providing only the best, absolutely paramount, totally unbiased news and information to the public.  They’re a world-renowned organization.  And in their infinite wisdom, they decided to use other people’s money to rewrite articles and stories in an unofficial, sub-Saharan African “mixed language” called Pidgin.


Pidgin (not the bird) is a mix of local west African language and English, and was apparently used during the Atlantic slave trade, which the BBC couldn’t miss the opportunity to remind people of.  It’s use is to bridge the gap between languages rather than encourage people to learn English and become smarter.  And it looks (and sounds) comically absurd:


From BBC’s article Indian woman divorce husband because dem no get toilet:


“The woman wey dey for her 20’s don dey married to her husband for five years, but na for inside bush she dey poopoo.

Indian law dey only allow divorce for limited circumstances like beating or wicked behaviour.


The lawyer for di woman tell AFP news agency say the judge say to dey make di woman poopoo for outside na one form of torture.”


Yes, this is a real BBC article.  And yes, taxes helped pay for this “poopoo.”  Apparently, the west has reached a point where government-subsidized news is being rewritten to pander to illiterate sub-Saharan Africans so they can read about Houston’s flooding epidemic, which jungle people surely have in mind while they attempt to avoid being eaten by lions or enslaved into child soldier militias.


If you want a Pidgin that delivers real news, follow and subscribe to Black Pigeon Speaks.



(Unedited featured image)

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