#22: White Nationalism is Good for Everyone

The idealism of the founding fathers of America no longer exists.  We as a nation have drifted far away from the righteous path of freedom and prosperity to one of oppression, imperialism, and enslavement.  Philosophy and reason have been abandoned in favor of appealing to emotion.  Relativism and extreme altruism are bringing about a demographic suicide via immigration.  Nihilism is preventing achievement by otherwise capable people.  Racial tensions and the divide between the left and right threaten to tear this once great country in two.  Undoubtedly, somewhere along the way, things have gone horribly wrong.


The idea that the United States can remain a centralized multicultural nation for much longer is ludicrous.  The experiment of multiculturalism, noble as it may seem to egalitarians, is ending in utter failure.  The Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 was never intended to create a multicultural paradise; it was a communist tool to undermine the very foundations of America – and it worked.  The American empire is crumbling under the immense weight of an unpayable national debt and its native citizens are being replaced by foreign hordes of low-skilled, relatively low-IQ migrants.  Because they are being subsidized by unwilling taxpayers, these immigrants have little incentive to integrate into society and are instead replacing our culture with their own.  This is fundamentally destroying western values and is increasing the average time preference of voters who are inevitably being pandered to by politicians.  Such politicians are promising “free stuff” and are disincentivizing people to defer gratification.  Thus, immigrants vote for more government power and the state increases in size, becoming a totalitarian, 1984-style dictatorship that strips away every last bit of freedom we still have left.


This problem, in totality, is actually much more complicated and is indeed very real.  But, the solution to it may be rather simple: White Nationalism.


White Nationalism can be defined as the movement or idea to create and secure an ethnically homogeneous nation inhabited primarily by white/caucasian people.  The concept of a white ethnostate typically invokes outcries of “Racism!” but those who perceive it as such are interestingly quiet about Israel’s pro-Jewish homogeneity policies and measures, and White Nationalism doesn’t equate to a hatred of other races – it’s merely the idea of separating from them.  “White supremacy” is another term thrown around in regards to White Nationalism, which is ridiculously disingenuous as it neither explicitly nor implicitly implies the white race is superior to all others.  “Nazi” is, of course, not-so-tactically launched into the faces of White Nationalists in order to label them as the perceived worst enemies of humanity.


In order to have an adult conversation on the merits of the idea of White Nationalism, we must dispose of the hysteria and stigma surrounding it.  Unfortunately for many leftists, adult discussion necessarily means leaving one’s emotional knee-jerk reactions in the trash bin where they belong as opposed to wielding them as weapons to shut down rational discussion.  But, given the severity of the disaster the west is facing, we will attempt to communicate this idea simply enough that anyone can understand it regardless of their tendency to throw infantile tantrums.


Are White Nationalists really Nazis?


last_days_of_the_nazis_about_the_series-eNational Socialism and White Nationalism do in fact have some intersecting values and interests.  Both National Socialists and White Nationalists would agree that the white race should continue to exist and prosper.  They would conclude that, given the circumstances bringing about the demographic destruction of whites in their own countries, a white ethnostate would secure a future for whites, and give them a home that would not subject them to forced proximity to other ethnicities that generally don’t share their values or interests.  But White Nationalism differs from National Socialism when it comes to governmental policies and ideology.  White Nationalism doesn’t necessarily require a socialist state.  In fact, whites tend to value freedom far more than those of other ethnicities and should an ethnostate be formed, they would likely reduce the size and scope of the government.  White Nationalism, as of the time of this writing, has no formal governmental structure; it’s still an abstract idea.  And, if mainstream demonization of the German National Socialist party’s deeds around the time of WWII are to be believed, then quite obviously they differ in that White Nationalism doesn’t require attempted genocide of other races as it only calls for a separate nation from them.


Does White Nationalism equate to white supremacy?


fight_white_supremacyNowhere in the given definition does it explicitly nor implicitly belittle other races or declare superiority over them.  White Nationalists tend to be race realists, meaning they believe there are differences between ethnicities on an uncontrollable, genetic level, and that these differences determine a lot about where differing racial groups end up in terms of success in life, crime rates, and whether or not equality of outcome is truly achievable.  Race realism also embraces the reality that there are racial groups with higher average IQs than those of European descent – namely, Jews and East Asians.


Isn’t White Nationalism just extreme racism?


goldfish-staring-at-black-fish-in-bowl-racism“Racism” is an outdated, overused term that has largely become meaningless.  It used to be that taking aggressive action at the detriment of someone based solely on their ethnicity was racism.  Ignorant prejudice against an individual just because they are of a different race than you would be racism.  However, when that prejudice is not based in ignorance and is instead predicated on facts and statistics, and it does not determine behavior nor is used as an accurate tool for judgement at an individual level, it no longer becomes racism.  Racism can only apply to the individual level because if it is applied to groups, then everyone is racist for not openly embracing every diametrically opposed group of people on the planet, as “racism” can then be extended to include avoidance of any aspect of differing races, including likelihood of those differing races to embrace competing or opposed ideologies.  If one of those ideologies were against the idea of a white ethnostate, then it would naturally work to diminish and destroy the foundations of that society should they be allowed entrance, not to mention that their admittance would negate the goals of an ethnically homogeneous community.  Therefore, if a theoretical white ethnostate excluded those of vastly differing races from taking citizenship in that country, it is not racism because the ethnostate merely wants to maintain its values and preserve its people, as all peoples are naturally inclined (and have the right) to do.


The merits of White Nationalism extend beyond the benefiting of white people.  All races have the right to self-preservation and can look to ethno-nationalism as a way to protect their uniqueness.  A homeland for any race would serve to give them the opportunity to show what they are really capable of and to build up and preserve their cultures and communities.  A world ultimately made up of nation-states based on ethnicity would indeed result in a hierarchy of success as all races are different and unique.  The trick is for those ethnostates to utilize their strengths and diminish their weaknesses to the best of their ability and to take note from other homogenous nations so we may all learn how to lead better, more prosperous lives from one another.  It would give people the chance to live harmoniously without forced integration and to take pride in their communities.  It would instill a sense of meaning that so many yearn for and would increase trust levels within those states, allowing for more cooperative work to be done.  Diversity, in that sense, would be a strength.


The current system of forced multiculturalism within the west is bringing to fruition a dark reality that threatens the whole world: white genocide.  White genocide, as we’ve discussed before, is the demographic destruction of the white race.  Despite the ridiculous claims of a rise in white racism and the demonization of colonialism, the continued existence of white influence in the world is much to the benefit of everyone else.  Whites are responsible for most technological advancements (although East Asians are rapidly catching up and are now leading in several fields).  Whites have a tendency to master efficiency and improve whatever area they find themselves in, to the benefit of everyone.  They were the first to end slavery and are the last to take interest in their own preservation.  They’re altruistic to a fault and constantly make attempts to improve the station in life of others.  The White Man’s Burden tells of the imperialists’ dream of civilizing the rest of the world; of bringing the fruits of civilization to those who had yet to taste it on their own.


The idea behind White Nationalism is, fundamentally, to secure the existence of white people and a future for white children.  It’s an idea that is oft dismissed as evil by those who work to keep whites from taking an interest in the preservation of their values and ideals.  No other racial group in the world has faced the kind of backlash that whites have for merely wanting to maintain the sanctity of their people.  It is for this reason that whites need to stand up for themselves, now more than ever, and fight for their right to exist.  And, perhaps, White Nationalism is the way to do that.



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