#19: Popular Prominent Propaganda

When most people think of propaganda, they picture old WWII-era war posters designed to inspire young men to join the army and fight for their homeland.  They usually featured uniformed soldiers standing tall and proud, rifles in hand, ready to take on the world.  Such imagery is effective in capturing the attention of young men with heroic aspirations, loyalty to their people, and high testosterone.

The epitome of manliness

In today’s decidedly less testosterone-rich society, propaganda has evolved with the times to continue warping perspectives and influencing choices of malleable, unaware people.  Although generally considered abhorrent by mainstream conservatives, leftists see fit to use this underhanded tactic to their advantage in every outlet they can to sway the opinions and worldviews of regular people to believe dangerous nonsense.


Propaganda is effective because the people that it’s targeted at do not realize they’re being fed disinformation.  Propaganda-ridden sources of “information” are considered factual, accurate, or otherwise neutral by the ignorant.  These days, people are bombarded by enormous amounts of news and simply don’t have time to consume and process it all while they go about their lives.  They turn to trusted sources to break down the details and make it easier and faster to understand.  This impatient behavior is easily exploited by propagandists who give these people false or misleading conclusions rather than accurate facts.


The left easily pushes ridiculous narratives and dangerous ideas through various mainstream media outlets and online publications every day.  The following short list is just a small look into the kind of insanity that is causing mass hysteria, degradation of society, and life-threatening political realities in today’s world:



Though there are some right-wing propagandists out there, the vast majority of disinformation is pushed by communist, marxist, often Jewish leftists.  Doing so directly instigated the shooting of Republican congressman Steve Scalise, numerous Antifa riots, the social justice warrior, feminist, lgbtqrstuvwxyz hysteria over the tiniest of things (“microaggressions”), the hopeless feeling of millennials who are enslaved by debt, and the destruction of western civilization.


Those who would deceive the people and ruin society the way the left has are responsible for what is to come.



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