#17: Take a Drive

7The beams of your headlights dutifully guide your tires across the cracked pavement of the street.  Through the occasional opening of the drifting clouds above, the moon briefly shines its pale light across the dimly lit sidewalk running parallel to your path.


The stress has been unbearable.  Your numerous problems, both professional and personal, seem to occupy your mind more than usual.  The debts you owe, the fight between you and your beloved, that hard choice you must make – whatever it may be, it eats away at you and robs you of sleep.


4d2e152c-a9a7-42ac-badf-095216051f08Your vehicle creeps to a stop in front of a red light.  The engine idles quietly and you stare ahead.  A soft breeze brushes past your arm, carrying with it the faint scent of rain and a burger joint operating a block away.


Life carries with it seemingly insurmountable challenges.  They drain you in the day and chase you in your dreams.  You do what you can but it’s never enough.  Expectations are placed upon you but you feel like you only let people down.  “Why even bother?  It’s all fucked,” you lament to yourself.


beautiful-road-61Red turns to green and you are moving once again.  Street lights give way to trees dancing with the wind.  Traveling ahead, you come across a bend and you lazily turn the wheel to match the curve.  You are the lone occupant of this road.  This is your street.  You are king.


Taking ownership of your problems is the first step in solving them.  Own the problem, own the solution.  By pushing fault onto others and looking at your issues through the lens of victimhood, you squander your chance to show the world what you are truly capable of.  You must be the king of your own life.  You can’t let others determine what happens in it.  Take it back.


maxresdefaultYour speed slightly increases as you rev the motor.  Your vehicle sings the story of your life as the wind whips your hair to and fro. Melancholy changes into determination.  You may not know how to fix what is wrong and make it right, but you will surely try, one mile at a time.


Your issues and problems in life may take their toll, but they are no match for your will.  The audacity to face what tries to drag you down resonates deep within.  All it takes is focus and mindset.  You will overcome this.  Frame your issues as mere stepping stones to success.  Know that you will make it, and someday, you’ll look back at this time and hold your head high with pride.


10Coming upon a most familiar street, you slow down as you near your home.  You pull into the driveway and shut off the engine.  You sit for a moment in comfortable silence.  Giving the dashboard a pat, you step out, feeling at ease.  You’re ready to get some rest.  There are a lot of issues in your life and countless more in the world, but you’re not going to let them overwhelm you now.  They will be solved, one at a time, through focusing only on what you can do.  The stress and the angst are gone, replaced by a vision of the future; of what could be.  Of what will be.


All you needed was to take a drive.



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