#15: Your Fight for Freedom

“Freedom” is one of those words thrown around so much that it loses its impact and meaning.  On July 4th, in the United States, citizens celebrate their Independence Day and their freedom – or so they think.  Most have no real idea of the great sacrifices it took to secure any semblance of liberty, much less what it actually means.


The ability to own property and the inherent right to defend it is freedom.  The liberty to choose who one associates with and includes in their life is freedom.  Voluntarily making, signing, and adhering to contracts is freedom.  Choosing whether or not to donate one’s time, energy, or resources to what they deem is a worthy cause is freedom.  Setting and upholding one’s own standards of living is freedom.


Lacking consequences for one’s own actions is not freedom.  Voting to “redistribute” others’ hard-earned wealth to plebs is not freedom.  Censoring those who exercise their freedom of speech because they are deemed “hateful” or “racist” or “bigoted” is not freedom.  Rioting in the streets because one’s favored presidential candidate lost an election is not freedom.  Lying on national television to instigate violence against one’s political opponents is not freedom.  Squandering the gifts of liberty and security one’s ancestors fought and bled and died for is not freedom.  Freedom without consequences is not freedom; it is degeneracy.  Degeneracy run amok and used to propagandize the masses leads to enslavement.


manifestatie-anti-viol-la-londra-trebuie-sa-port-oIn these final days of the west, the notion of liberty is but veiled degeneracy thrown before the eyes of the people to distract them from their crumbling civilization.  Endless waves of immigrants replace native cultures and inhabitants, tradition and virtue are openly mocked and scorned, governments grab at every bit of power they can hold, money loses its value and entire economies are seemingly held together with paperclips and string.  People are losing their sense of purpose and are falling into nihilistic apathy.  Their short attention spans are fed by mindless entertainment and they have little sense of the upcoming struggles they will surely face.


Without intervention, the days of freedom in the U.S. are coming to an end.  As the people become weak and morally corrupt, the duty to retake and uphold liberty that is so unjustly taken for granted falls upon the shoulders of the courageous.  The builders, the warriors, the organizers, the economists, the philosophers, the entertainers, the truth seekers and truth tellers – they all have their place in the fight to regain the last vestiges of freedom being stripped away day by day.


9509955734_8aac8d8682_oRight-wing activism has become a frequent avenue for people to push back.  Pro-free speech rallies are becoming more and more popular as good people stand up to the destruction of their freedom.  Those who will not sit idly by as the west disintegrates can be found all across the country.  They are itching to get in the action and save their homes and people.  Events such as the Unite The Right Rally, coming this August 12th in Charlottesville, VA, present the perfect opportunity for folks to get involved.  The fight, for now, is still peaceful.  The more folks stand together, the more resolute they become, and the more they speak out, the more the right shows the world their determination to preserve liberty and secure the existence and future of their people.


To truly appreciate freedom, one must be willing to fight for it.  Are you in?



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