#14: Censorship and Opportunity

The state of the world today provides no shortage of topics, ideas, and events crucial to discuss.  However, the views and perspectives most important to hear and understand are also the most targeted for censorship.  The powers that be, whether governmental or highly influential media outlets believing they are too big to fail, have a vested interest in maintaining their narratives.  They feed the populace misinformation at the expense of truth and ultimately at the cost of lives.  Slandering opposition, invoking state intervention, and fabricating stories are all favored tactics to quell competing information and keep the throne of power.


Most people with an IQ above their shoe size now understand that mainstream media outlets have been feeding them bullshit.  Thus, the rise in alternative media like Infowars, Freedomain Radio, Breitbart, and many more was inevitable.  In the age of information overload, people are looking to other sources in their limited quest of finding and understanding the truth.


Lies ConceptTraditional liars in mainstream media aren’t keeping up with the times.  They are being overtaken by alternative media and will almost surely be replaced by them in time.  Exposing their lies and misinformation has become the focus of the good folks from Project Veritas.  But these cemented callous cretins defy their conquerors with their last vestiges of credibility.  They deny wrongdoing and run to the government for bailouts and to diminish the scope of and effectiveness of free speech.  They are the largest antagonizers of the 1st Amendment and would sooner see it succumb to restrictions than let people spread the truth.


Hate speech laws are becoming the norm in western nations.  This Orwellian nightmare of a concept can land someone in jail for speaking their mind if what they say is deemed “hateful,” especially if posted online.  These laws and others are written extremely vaguely and are used as a terror mechanism to keep dissenters quiet, lest they lose every bit of freedom they still retain.  The idea of “hate speech” in and of itself is utterly retarded as “hate” is just as powerful and natural an emotion as love.  It can be argued that one cannot hate something without first loving something else, so the complete denial of citizens from expressing hatred, verbally or written, is as oppressive as denying them the expression of love.  State censorship used as a means to quell open discussion of crucial issues and alternative perspectives is an infringement on the right to think for yourself.


facebook-tips-for-spotting-false-newsCensorship has begun invading the likes of social media as well.  Those who spread the edgiest of truths are made targets for banning from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and just about every other major platform.  Folks who look to these people to talk about the most daunting and uncomfortable problems facing our civilization are being denied access to important perspectives and truth.  This, however, creates a massive incentive for entrepreneurs to capitalize on this growing market-gone-underground and build new platforms altogether.


Such a concept has been remarked upon by one Christopher Cantwell of the Radical Agenda radio show.  Being incessantly outspoken about his beliefs, Cantwell has endured many a ban from social media and has lost advertising revenue for speaking what he considers the truth.  He has mentioned his struggles several times which lead to him emphasizing the need for right-wing networking to his audience.  Massive partnering and advertisement opportunities lurk just beneath the surface – a gold mine waiting to be exploited.  Normalizing ideas and concepts that are not leftist, egalitarian, and marxist in nature, and acceptance of right-leaning businesses and organizations, will usher in a new era of prosperity within the right for people who capitalize on the opportunity.


exp-am-sd-town-for-sale-cnn-640x360The necessity to escape the scrutiny and power of leftist idealogues is the first challenge the right faces in this advancement.  This in itself, however, is also a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs.  The most effective means for those on the right to get away from leftist institutions and major government interference may be to establish their own communities, as was expressed in a previous article.  Working within the system and staying inside the boundaries of the law, it is possible to come together, purchase a sizeable amount of land, and build a township.  Doing so on privately owned property will ensure the possibility that only like-minded people can live and thrive on it.  Voluntaryism can take precedence, businesses can flourish, and people can live together as free as possible and as far away from communists as possible.  This will also signal to society at large that it is possible to hold dissenting opinions and not have your life ruined for expressing them.  The more successful such a right-wing community becomes, the more the right can boast that its views are superior.


Amid all the obstacles the right faces in its journey to fixing society and saving civilization, there lies enormous amounts of wealth just waiting to be uncovered.  For those on the fence who are not quite sure about going all in and making a better world, it’s time to get uncucked, begin talking with fellow truth seekers, philosophers and right-wingers, get into business and build communities with the people who don’t want to see this world burn to the ground.



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