#12: Is it Time to Leave?

The growing awareness to the state of societal decay and the challenges ahead has left many with a clearer vision of the truth.  The world starts to make sense, though it is horrifying in many ways.  This awakening leaves one with the knowledge and power to shape their life based on reality instead of delusion.  However, the spell of fantasy that is now revealed as disgustingly irrational and infinitely ruinous to freedom still clouds the sight and dominates the minds of everyone else still plugged into the Matrix.


The slave who finds himself made aware of the coercive nature of government, the decadence of his friends and family, the leftward shift of society, the seemingly inevitable repetition of history, and the catastrophe just over the horizon, is free in the mind but not in the body, for he remains in proximity to those all too content in their comfortable enslavement and suicidal apathy.  Their altruism for invaders and carelessness for the gifts they’ve been handed by their forefathers will kill them and all in their midst if things are carried out to their logical conclusion.


2526834371_4de59d4187As the tax cattle waddle dumbly to the slaughterhouse, the freed slave tries desperately to stop them.  He screams at the top of his lungs and tells them all about their inevitable demise.  The others scoff and sneer at the audacity of his claims.  He points to the disfigured carcasses being strung up in the back of a truck and is awestruck as his peers call him paranoid.  Their fight-or-flight sense is completely unreachable.  At some point, amid his many attempts at awakening the masses, he comes to the realization that it is fruitless and that his friends are more than happy to die at the hands of brutal slave masters so long as they aren’t made to be uncomfortable.  The slave finally realizes that in all his machinations at saving those around him, he himself has moved further up in the line and has almost reached the slaughterhouse.  He must leave, lest he join his former comrades in death.


635963677156702674-613674687_screenshot-2014-03-26-at-8-15-28-amThe temptation to desert civilization altogether as it slowly smothers itself is all too real, and may ultimately prove necessary to achieve some semblance of freedom.  Though the number of people who are beginning to understand what is happening is growing by the day, mass delusion still takes precedence and unreality remains reality for most.  Most people exist in a quagmire of emotion riddled with landmines that is nearly impossible to navigate without tripping one.  They have lived their whole lives believing earnestly that feelings matter just as much as (if not more than) facts and evidence.  The ability to reason honestly has been deliberately excluded from their learning, and now that they are old enough to masquerade as adults, they are easily manipulated and controlled.  They pass propaganda and abuse to their children (if they actually have any that aren’t pets), and the cycle repeats itself until civilization finally runs itself off a cliff.


For those of us who have seen all this, we have two options:


1.)  We keep trying.  Children’s lives and civilization as a whole are at stake.  With the advent of the internet, we have more power than ever to reach out to each other and spread the truth.  Cryptocurrencies give us the ability to move resources around and fund philosophers and those in the fight without state intervention.  We can strive to reduce power of and contain evildoers and promote virtue.  


2.)  We leave.  Ditch society and start a community from the ground up, perhaps Galt’s Gulch-style.  Be as free as possible while still complying with the law, but seclude ourselves from the downfall of the rest of society.  Defend our own and let the world fall apart.

Building a kickass little town in the woods would be cool

There are costs and benefits to both choices, but a best-of-both-worlds combination may be possible.  If truth seekers came together and walled themselves off from this degradation, they could still frequent society and try to save it (and benefit from it) while protecting themselves and each other.


As tides of immigrants replace native populations, terrorism rates increase, governments grab more power, and average intelligence drops, the necessity for radical change intensifies.  That change will begin with the freed slaves who fight to save themselves and the civilization their ancestors worked so tirelessly and fought so viciously to build.




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