#11: Men, Prepare Yourselves

There is no shortage of disincentives, no lack of obstacles, and no scarcity of propaganda surrounding and stigmatizing men (especially whites).  They are being targeted in almost every single way – their families are being destroyed, their livelihoods are being stolen and squandered, their nations are being overrun, their cultures and communities are facing subversion, and their civilization is falling apart.  They’re openly mocked, ignored, and shunned.  Governments and media collude to attack their interests at the seams.  They’re made to be disposable and to feel guilty for things they have never taken part in.  No man is spared unjust intolerance for his interests unless he bows to the whims of feminized marxist leftists in vagina hats.


There grows in these men a hatred the likes of which hasn’t been seen in over 70 years.  Thanks to the internet and alternative media, a mass awakening of this sleeping giant is happening right now.  The day will come that white men will have had enough.  The blood of warriors and conquerors runs through their veins, and they will once again rise to domination.  These men can feel it in the air – a great change is coming.  A storm is brewing.  They are already organizing and preparing themselves accordingly.


There is much to do as this storm approaches.  No one knows for sure when it will happen – only that it will.  It is best to assume that it will be soon.  What is to come will not be easy, peaceful times.  It may very well involve bloodshed, perhaps on a massive scale.  Those with the most resolve will come out on top.  Preparation is key for the survival of one’s people, clan, or tribe, and it begins at the individual level.


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Learn to Learn

Most important of all is also the simplest – education.  The acquisition of useful information and a deep understanding of the world at large gives you the power to make intelligent decisions and plan ahead.  Knowing the history of your nation’s greatest struggles, and how it overcame them, gives insight and inspiration for defending your people and preserving your culture.  Studying philosophy gives you the tools necessary to surround yourself with competent, unbroken people, and to give you secular, moral direction and principles.  Understanding war and modern combat tactics obviously gives you the edge if violence is to erupt.  Researching economics reveals how money becomes power, and how incentives drive society and industry.  These and infinitely more topics are crucial to know to stand a chance during a collapse.  Here at Imperative Outlook, we refer to several useful sources of necessary information under Imperative Outlooks.


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Make Bank

Economics, as we’ve already discussed, is ridiculously important to know.  It is moreso when it pertains to the individual.  As fiat currency nears its collapse and we inch closer to financial ruin, it is wise to make as much as possible and save your money.  Use it to invest in alternative currencies and precious metals, like Bitcoin and silver/gold.  In this case, diversity is actually a strength, as having some money saved in multiple cryptocurrencies, and investment in metals and other resources, secures your livelihood.  Your income and savings cannot be compromised, as they are what feeds your family and gives you power in the market.  And, no matter what happens, there will be a market.  People will always be buying and selling goods and services as they need.


hqdefaultOn War

If worst comes to worst and violence does take precedence over ethics, it is a man’s duty and obligation to himself and his family to be capable of defending his home and people.  Under such circumstances, no abundance of preparation is too much.  Understanding the Art of War is a good start.  Obtaining firearms and training is essential.  Learning fighting techniques and striving for top physical performance will be extremely useful.  Both upper and lower body strength should be maximized, but dismissing cardio would be a huge mistake – sometimes, the ability to run fast and for long distances matters more than strength.


distress-christian-stock-photoHeal Those Old Wounds

Trauma, especially childhood trauma, can follow a man throughout his entire life, even escaping his perception at times.  It haunts him in his dreams and depresses him in his daily life.  It’s hard enough to deal with now, and this can hold you back and make success all the more difficult when times get tough.  One mustn’t neglect his mental and emotional well-being as these are what motivate, inspire, and empower him.  It’s his source of love and attachment for his family and tribe.  Most people are far more broken than they realize.  If you have experienced abuse, neglect, and indifference from your parents or others, it is time to seek professional help.  Therapy is for the strongest, most resolute men who wish to save themselves and their family.  These terrible events in your life cannot be allowed to rule over you or hold you back.  You must conquer the demons within yourself before you can take on the world.


26Man and His Clan

Family is what makes civilization.  Caring for a wife and bringing into adulthood untraumatized, intelligent children makes a family.  Creating a family and protecting it ensures your continued survival through the generations.  It gives meaning to life and makes men truly great.  Increasing your sexual market value, finding a wonderful, worthy woman, and raising children, even in these precarious times, is absolutely essential.  There is no civilization without great people, and there are no great people without great kids.  Your family is what you must fight for.  Form a family, and fight for it!


In the coming years, we may see some difficult times.  The cyclical engine of history seems to crush under it all who remain unprepared.  To go down with the rest of the plebs and surrender this civilization because of political correctness, decadence, and apathy is unacceptable.  Surround yourself with knowledge and love for yourself and your people, and get ready to make a stand.


History recognizes not conformity, but audacity.




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