#10: The End of the World

Genocide is a term that carries a distinct connotation.  It provokes simultaneous feelings of disgust and awe.  The notion of deliberately and systematically annihilating an entire race of people from the Earth is both amazing and horrifying.  It’s like murder, but super murder.  Only evil Nazis could conjure such an idea, let alone carry it out.  Right?

Also wrong

In recent years, genocide hasn’t needed to be so blatantly barbaric.  It’s gone underground, so to speak.  It works from the shadows, picking apart foundations of family, culture, and history.  It eats away at the glue that holds civilization together.  It seduces the young and naive, and seizes their impressionable minds as it works to slowly kill them and their families in the most cruel ways it can.  It is found in government institutions and catastrophically failed programs, where it strives to attain the most power.  Through these strategies and more, there exists an uncomfortable truth that most people are tragically unaware of.


The white race is currently being targeted for genocide.


This is not an assertion to take lightly.  The implications of this are deep and the consequences are unimaginably awful.  White people are responsible for the vast majority of modern technological, scientific, and medical advancements.  Most notable inventors have been white.  The Enlightenment was brought about in Europe.  Western culture and influence has shaped much of the world, and although whites have committed their fair share of atrocities, their drive for success and advancement has saved countless lives.  Whites’ capacity for empathy made them the first to do away with slavery, after all, even while many in Africa and the middle east still enslave each other to this day.


That empathy, though, is perhaps one of the white race’s greatest weaknesses.  Through religious influence and philosophy, they almost constantly strive for morality.  As of late, this has been at their own detriment.  Morality has given way to pathological altruism, which at the expense of their own people, has caused whites to open wide the borders of their nations to third-worlders, who are often incorrectly said to be “refugees.”


This inviting of foreign hordes is playing a large part in the demographic shift of previously predominantly white nations.  Often, the people that are entering these white countries do not share similar cultures or ideas with the host nation.  They have little desire to assimilate, and end up leeching off of taxpayers via government subsidies and refusing to work.  These parasites drive native whites from their home towns and cities as crime rates and cultural differences skyrocket.  This phenomenon is known as “white flight” and can be observed in nations all across western Europe, as well as the United States.


cucktianityPostmodern propaganda and cultural marxism has infected the institutions and universities of white nations.  Through “art,” literature, music, television, social media, and more, communist, relativistic, and anti-white messages have been used to alter the mindset and attitudes of the young.  From children to teenagers to young adults, white youth are bombarded with accusations of “white privilege,” constantly reminded of slavery (while conveniently leaving out the history of enslaved whites), told of the necessity for “diversity” (of which there is no reason for it), and other such nonsense in order to instill a general feeling of guilt for things these younger people had no hand in.

Art sure ain’t what it used to be

Modern movies push diversity and inclusiveness to its limits, portray straight, white, traditional men as the bad guys or the incompetent comedic relief time and again, and insist on putting female characters into the most unnatural positions of strength and power possible, instead of showing their beauty and grace in their most gifted and effective roles in society.


ap_111835182005The “gay agenda,” as it’s often pejoratively called by conservatives, is all too real.  Public acceptance and tolerance for degenerative behavior is indeed a slippery slope.  Pedophilia is but one of the most dangerous ideas being normalized by left-wing media outlets.  Transgenderism, even for children, is not only being accepted, but celebrated.  Homosexuals and many transsexuals are unable to have children, and the ones who do and the ones who adopt inevitably confuse their children with marxist propaganda, which they use to justify their lifestyle.


Government programs, such as Affirmative Action and the welfare state, disproportionately take opportunities and resources from whites and give them to those of other races, mostly blacks.  While whites pay far more in taxes than other races do, they are being made to subsidize some of those other races.  These subsidies allow and even award blacks and mestizos (plenty of which are illegal aliens), who on average have a lower IQ than whites, to breed irresponsibly and without financial consequences.  These people, who are often more r-selected than their white counterparts, quickly and artificially outbreed whites.  


mixed-race-1Race mixing, a fairly newly-accepted but increasingly popular occurrence, is being heavily pushed into normalcy.  On an individual level, it is at best a degenerate act that produces genetically-confused offspring who are less able to find organ donors in the event of serious illness.  On a societal level, it erodes the very core of the differing races and blends people into brownish hybrids with no sense of an in-group.  The idea that race mixing somehow abrades racism and creates healthier children is obnoxiously touted by leftist “academics” pushing an anti-white narrative.  Young women in particular are told of the evils of white men and are encouraged to pursue promiscuous relationships with those of differing races.  Their feminine nature causes them to empathize with minorities, and they become hostile to white men.  They take up endeavors in the name of social justice and feminism and slander and lie about men, often through false rape accusations  This in turn discourages white men from attempting to woo white women, and instead go for latinas and east Asians, who are often somewhat more conservative.


The importation of Islamists is allowing third-worlders to enter white nations, be given their resources, and outbreed native populations.  This too causes white flight as whites are displaced, and the radically differing ideologies being artificially placed in such close proximity is causing enormous amounts of crime, violence, and rapes all across western Europe, most notably Sweden, France, and Germany.  Terrorism is an almost weekly occurrence as the massive influx of migrants allows relatively easy passage for Islamic extremists.  The ideology of Islam encourages very r-selected breeding habits, so migrants are outbreeding dwindling native peoples in short order as they pour into the west.


2008_summer_olympics_torch_relay_shenzenThe narrative that overpopulation is something to be worried about, combined with the lie that this can be cured by discouraging white westerners from breeding, is also causing whites to stop having children.  Higher-IQ whites have fewer babies as they fund and subsidize booming populations of lower-IQ Africans and middle easterners.  Meanwhile, the Japanese, who also have much higher IQ on average (even moreso than whites), are also facing a steep decline in birth rates.  This worldwide demographic shift is causing an enormous boom in the number of less-intelligent people and is exponentially decreasing the number of more intelligent people.


Currently, whites in South Africa are being threatened with violent ethnic destruction.  They fell under the same spell of white guilt as Europeans are, and gave control of their government to black Africans, whose politicians now literally threaten the killing of all white people.  White farmers are already often brutally maimed, tortured, murdered, and burglarized.  The impending peril is so worrying that a group of South Africans joined together to form a civil defense organization called Suidlanders.


Through all of this and, unfortunately, more, genocide is very much becoming a reality for whites across the globe.  Some, on the left, may see this as a good thing.  They like to cite the atrocities of white men through the generations as reason enough that they should go extinct.  They ignore all the successes, advancements, and acts of goodwill whites have labored so incessantly for.  The white race is the very heart of western civilization.  Without it, the rest of the world would fall into perpetual enslavement for certain groups of “elites,” never knowing the taste of actual freedom.  The end of whites is the end of innovation.  It’s the end of great feats of advancement and adventure.  The end of civilization.


This is what the end of the world looks like.  




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