#8: The Looming Danger of Socialized Healthcare

Healthcare is a touchy subject, especially for those who are dependent upon the current system of subsidization.  There are many who claim they cannot afford to cover their own healthcare costs and thus turn to the state to keep them alive.  They demand money be forced from the hands of productive society at the point of a gun to lift up the irresponsible plebs from their imminent demise brought about by their own poor life choices and irresponsibility.

“Pay for my healthcare as I destroy my body lol”

Health insurance exists for one reason: to make money.  It is a business.  The entire purpose of health insurance companies is to fund expensive medical procedures and treatments for people who ordinarily couldn’t afford them with their income alone.  Insurance companies provide this funding by charging money from customers who plan ahead and buy insurance plans to cover possible costs in the future.  With many customers over a long period of time, a lot of money accrues and the companies earn profit while maintaining their businesses and providing for customers.  Since expensive medical costs are fairly rare for the average person, they are able to keep profits high and costs low because they don’t have to spend tons of money on every single customer – just the ones who get sick or injured.


Now, the idea of forcing insurance companies to provide the same services to people who never paid into it and bought insurance in the first place is ludicrous.  Those who do not purchase coverage and end up ill or injured did so by their own choice.  Forcing taxpayers to pay for the healthcare of people who did not purchase any themselves exempts those people from the consequences of their actions.  Lifetime smokers have no economic incentive to quit smoking when they don’t have to pay for the increased healthcare they require as a result of their decision to smoke.  How can an insurance company make money and maintain a business when it is forced to provide for those who never bought insurance in the first place?  They are not charities.  The money has to come from the pockets of taxpayers.  Otherwise, this subsidization undermines the ability of companies to make money and will inevitably run such companies out of business if they are not also propped up by the government.


Coverage for “preexisting conditions” forced upon insurance companies is a surefire tactic to pave the way for a government-monopolized system as the state takes more control of the healthcare industry.  This socialization of healthcare will undoubtedly decrease the quality and value of the services provided as the government is not a market-facing entity.  It does not need to please its “customers” in order to extract resources from them.  This unfortunate disaster-in-waiting has occurred time and again in socialistic countries in history and is playing a large role in destroying what’s left of Venezuela.

They must be protesting against evil capitalism’s destruction of their country


Another complication of socialized healthcare is the inevitable increasing of prices for medicine and services.  When people are compelled by law to purchase insurance, insurers are no longer operating in a free market situation and will not need to lower prices in order to compete.  With a guaranteed customer base, prices go up.  And as customers no longer feel obligated to shop for competitive hospitals, doctors, etc. since they have little to no choices, the same effect takes place; prices go up.  There also comes the dilemma of increasing wait times for treatments.


When the overwhelming majority of people in the United States believe that healthcare is a right, the government is going to gain power by “providing” that to people, despite its obvious disastrous consequences.  This also means that it is next to impossible to repeal, as the average voter, in all their short-sightedness, will simply think of it as something that is being taken away from them.  One can contribute nothing to society and still feel entitled to “free” healthcare, not giving a damn about the funding being taken by productive members of society.  It is yet another catastrophic government program that will end in countless deaths and suffering.

There are many catastrophes in the modern west

As healthcare changes for the worst in the U.S. and elsewhere, staying in shape and maintaining one’s health will become more and more crucial.  Our advice: stay away from fast food when possible, work out as much as your body can handle, and be mindful of diseases and infections everywhere you go.  Eat right and get plenty of sleep.  Don’t let yourself become a victim of the crushing wheel of socialism as it attempts to take hold of every aspect of your life.



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