#7: The False God of Egalitarianism

Egalitarianism, or equalism, is a doctrine that asserts that all people, regardless of race, religion, gender, etc. are inherently equal and deserve equal “rights.”  This idea has, in many ways, spiraled into radicalism in that many who adhere to it believe that this equality transcends any and all circumstances, defying reality itself.


Egalitarianism in and of itself is a noble notion.  There are certainly situations in which differences between people can be ignored, such as striving to achieve justice by having equality under the law.  That way, supposedly, everyone who commits the same crime should be given equal punishment no matter what.  Egalitarianism that strives to provide equal opportunities for all people under the law is also fair and just, so long as it’s not at the expense of others.  Equal opportunities would mean allowing children of all kinds to attend public school and for everyone to use common public spaces.  It also provides every citizen the opportunity to utilize free speech and not be excluded from any other form of freedom everyone else enjoys.

Good shit

The history (and result) of this seemingly benevolent idea is not so innocent.  Socialists and marxists have utilized egalitarianism time and time again.  Their aim has been to instill resentment of the differences and different classes of people in society in an effort to attain and maintain power.  They typically trick less intelligent people into buying into their philosophy and handing them control of their lives.  The endgame is always, always disaster for the innocent.  


In western society, there is a growing cancer of radical egalitarianism.  Affirmative Action, the rise of modern feminism, and Black Lives Matter are all testament to that.  Movements and policies such as these operate in a state of unreality.  They insist that there are no differences between people and that different rates of success, failure, and opposition in life are solely the result of racism or sexism.  


Facts are racist


The gender wage gap myth, for example, is propagated by women who have absolutely no understanding of economics, and are so emotionally incapable of accepting responsibility for their actions that they blame others for their life choices.  This infantile way of thinking is not compatible with reality.  There exists no job in the United States that a woman does the same work for the same company as a man, but gets paid less.  If that did happen, that company would never hire men, because they could make a killing by hiring female workers for 77 or 80 cents on the dollar.  Women also choose different paths in life than men and have different motivations and values that, overall, makes them less likely to become CEOs of large corporations.


There are fundamental differences between people that, in varying degrees of determination, set them apart from each other by race, gender, and much more.  These differences affect everything from likelihood of developing certain disorders/diseases to crime statistics.  Genetics plays a big role in the likelihood of people to achieve certain levels of success in life.  That is not to say that environment isn’t part of the equation, but it’s not as deterministic as marxists will try to get you to believe.


Egalitarianism is akin to a religion.  It disregards empirical reality and substitutes it with myths and false promises of salvation.  This “salvation” is offered by those who wish to control and use you for political power by removing your agency and freedom.  To pretend that there are no differences between groups of people is to prevent striving towards actual solutions of fundamental problems that plague the world.  To solve the inequalities between peoples, we must accept and understand that there are in fact deep and tangible differences.  This does not mean any one group is superior or inferior, but that there are qualities and attributes that make us all unique.  In this way, we can appreciate diversity and work to improve the shortcomings of all races, both genders, and every individual.




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