#6: The Coming Storm: A Warning

There is a storm brewing that many are either unaware of or are remaining silent about.


Riots have been erupting across Europe over the last few years and have begun in the United States.  Increasingly militant factions are training and taking to the streets in protest.  An understanding that the law is not applied fairly and equally is leading to rejection of the written rules that govern society.  History is being rewritten and even erased.  Unprecedentedly heated elections are drawing citizens to polling booths en masse.  Tides of migrants are replacing native populations and destroying their culture.  Political discussion takes priority in the media which is being exposed for its corruption, lies, and bias.  People are realizing the system they are so bound by does not exist to serve their best interests, but rather against them.  There is a lot of pent up energy and the divide between ideologies, races, and groups could not be wider.  A great change is looming over the horizon.


What we are experiencing right now could be described as the collapse of western civilization.  It is following the same trends that brought down the Roman empire.  This has been decades in the making, and though there are courageous people doing their damndest to change the course of society and free it from the crushing wheel of cyclical history, the fight is truly monumental.


From disrupting Donald Trump’s rallies and attempting to attack him to swarming his supporters and beating and macing them in the streets, the left has no qualms about doing whatever is necessary to stop the right.  The notion of “a means to an end” so embraced by the left is outlined in Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.  Groups such as Antifa are threatening and outright committing violence in pursuit of political gains (i.e. terrorism).  They have resorted to some truly barbaric tactics to “protest” every idea noncongruent with their narrow views.  


This year alone, political violence has become more prevalent between the right and left at universities in the U.S.  During the Milo Yiannopoulos speech in early February, protesters literally rioted and attacked people in the streets.  They threw rocks and fireworks, set fires, and did over $100,000 worth of property damage in a single night.  In the March 4 Trump demonstrations, similar events occurred which resulted in some on the right standing up to and fighting back against the communist agitators.  Free speech rallies in April saw even more brazen Antifa being met with resistance, despite their threats getting Ann Coulter’s event canceled.  


With each event held by the right, more and more are standing up to Antifa and similar leftist groups.  As a result, the leftist terrorists have begun scheming of ways to escalate the violence and drive out the “Nazis,” including acquiring firearms.  However, even this pales in comparison to what is happening in France with the current elections.  Marine Le Pen events are being moved out of major cities and locked down for security as rioters in the streets clash with police in full riot gear.  Migrants roam the streets late at night, raping and pillaging across not only France but much of western Europe, especially Sweden and Germany.  The native populations are being replaced by third worlders, who are being subsidized by the EU throwing away Europe’s future.


In South Africa, white people are facing imminent destruction, even genocide.  Their rights have been threatened to be stripped from them, and generations of building their society are crumbling around them.  Farmers are being brutally murdered and tortured.  South Africa is gearing for a “revolution” against whites, and whites are left with very little to defend themselves.  One organization, Suidlanders, is preparing to defend and support innocent people in the increasingly likely event of a massive civil war.


Apathy and a total lack of empathy for western culture and unwarranted guilt thrust upon the shoulders of the white race is central to the cause of the coming storm.  This general acceptance of irrationality and pathological altruism in the west will not, however, be its downfall.  As the last remnants of non-indoctrinated, intelligent society are pushed against the wall, they will push back twice as hard.  They will not allow themselves to be destroyed.  The great danger western civilization faces is not the left winning – that will not and cannot happen.  The danger lies in what will happen when the right is pushed past the brink – when they no longer see peace as an option.  The last time this happened, the world almost fell apart.


Saving the west through peaceful means is going to take a lot.  Things must change, and change quickly.  Otherwise, more violent means will be seen as employable by folks who would not have imagined it coming to that.  We are nearer to this reality than one might think, and the danger is very real.  The more people don’t listen and the more people stop caring, the more inevitable it will become.

This is our warning to fellow westerners: wake the fuck up, or history will repeat itself, and the consequences will be felt through the ages.

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