#3: Trump’s Betrayal?

The retaliatory move by the Trump administration to strike Syria with 59 tomahawk missiles is not without controversy, to put it lightly.  On the right, most all but the staunch Israel-supporting neocons have either outright condemned the move or have mixed feelings.  Responses were swift and damning by plenty within the alternative media, including Lauren Southern, Mike Cernovich, Stefan Molyneux, and Paul Joseph Watson, who declared he was “officially off the Trump train.”


As time goes on and more facts and theories surface, speculation only grows.  However, the speed and conviction in which many of Trump’s supporters criticized the move (or even outright abandoned ship) is telling.  It shows the intolerance of policies thought dead with the coming of the new presidency and the accountability people are holding to their new leader in the fight for civilization.  These people know what is at stake, and they aren’t taking any chances.  They know in great detail of the perils that await the west should it continue down this path.  Though it is agreeable that continuation, much less escalation, of war in the middle east cannot be afforded, there appears to be one aspect of the situation that some people are ignoring.

Trump has quite a positive track record.  His successes are obviously vast and he has overcome everything the mainstream media, politicians, and hysterical leftists have thrown at him during his campaign.  His competency has been hailed as a most crucial aspect in securing the presidency, and his innate ability to trick his foes is without question.  This was perhaps momentarily forgotten in the immediate aftermath of the Syria missile strike.  

This new president has yet to truly let the people down.  He is attempting to fulfill every one of his campaign promises thus far, even against the internal government (the swamp/deep state) that is trying everything it can to halt and stall his progress.  And while that doesn’t and shouldn’t protect him and his actions from scrutiny, it does lend him some credit.  It may be a bit far-fetched to assume Trump has been totally compromised.

This has been a pivotal moment in the Trump presidency.  An obvious advantage to this situation is that the Russian “election-hacking” narrative may finally be put to rest.  Donald Trump also showed the world that he is a decisive leader, quick to respond.  This could be a strategic way for him to make better deals with foreign powers, such as China.  After all, deal-making is his forte.

This version not sold in stores

Whatever the case may be and whether or not Assad actually did use chemical weapons, folks can at least rest easy knowing that the Trump administration is not keen on warring with Syria.  For now, the agenda “remains the same.”  Hopefully, the United States can make the policy changes required to stay out of unnecessary foreign conflict.  But if we are to foolishly brush with past mistakes, we can assuredly count on the alternative media to warn the world and bring the information we need to know to the forefront.

And, as always, memes might just have the answers

Check out this debate on the matter between Stefan Molyneux and Bill Mitchell, in which both sides present interesting points to keep in mind when trying to understand this issue.

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