#2: Anti-fa Oppresses Dangerous Faggot

Fascism comes about in times of great strife; facing economic collapse, preparation for total war, and extreme division between ideologies within a nation.  State power has historically been used as a tool to violently push out opposing views and seize ultimate control of a country and its resources.  These days, you don’t necessarily require the state to be fascistic.  You just need a black balaclava, a handful of rocks, and a Soviet flag.  Fascism is what happens when words fail and arguments are ignored.

Yes, “reason” is misspelled.  Stolen meme is stolen.

Last night, at UC Berkeley, Breitbart senior editor and internet culture icon Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to give a speech to a multitude of conservative-minded individuals eager to see him in action in person.  The highly-anticipated finale to his “Dangerous Faggot Tour” was expected to bring in huge crowds.  Of course, everyone was warned that there would likely be protests.  No big shock for Milo, who has often been met with dramatically mixed reactions throughout his tour.


However, those “protests” quickly escalated into full blown riots.  Milo fans being assaulted, fires being set, people being ran over by cars, Trump supporters being beaten to unconsciousness, fireworks and rocks being hurled, glass being shattered, nonlethal bullets and tear gas being fired by riot police; the whole shebang.  Milo and his team were forced to evacuate.  The left was in town, and they were not going to let some gay Nazi Jew open his evil mouth and spew hate.

But this?  Totally not hate.

The very site of the Free Speech Movement did a complete 180°.  We’ve come full circle back to a time where truly free speech for all was but a wistful dream.  And innocent people have to pay the price for the left’s inability to rationalize and have discussions like Goddamn adults do.  This is the result of putting your kids in daycare and not raising them.  This is the result of the mainstream (mediocre) media’s narrative-spinning propaganda.  This is the result of government education (read: indoctrination).  This is the result of a society failing and exploiting its youth.  

“Peaceful protesters,” ensures the trustworthy media.

It can’t go on.  You cannot push a people for so long and so hard without backlash.  The right has been exceptionally tame and mild-tempered during and after the presidential election cycle.  They’ve utilized words and arguments to make their points whereas the left has used chanting, threats, and violence.  But, as John Dryden put it; “Beware the fury of a patient man.”  If the true fascists of the left continue this lunacy, they will meet a decisive and cruel reckoning.  And if that happens, nobody will win.

Especially not the SJW’s.  They’re nowhere near this level of readiness.

There is, however, much we can do to prevent catastrophe.  We must double and triple our efforts to bring evidence, reason, and compassion to the masses.  We have to show the misguided that they are not achieving what they set out to do.  We have to shame and boycott the mediocre media out of existence.  We have to do what we can as individuals to help the new Trump administration restore order and prosperity in our neighborhoods.  Clean our communities.  Bring in and create jobs.  Open businesses.  Make opportunities for the impoverished to enter the workforce and climb the ladder of success through hard work.  There are a lot of things we can do to make America great again and repel the absolute insanity occurring in our streets.


Left-wing fascist-like behavior can and will be curbed by the courageous people who bring reason, not fists, to battle.  But, we have to have balls.  We must dare to speak out when our friends, loved ones, coworkers, and peers push the media’s narratives and lies.  The right can’t sit back under Trump’s victory and pretend that the world will magically get better.  Trump may or may not possess meme magic but he’s no miracle worker.  He can’t change the minds and hearts of the people.  He is inspirational, sure,  but it comes down to us.  We bear the weight of our civilization and it is imperative that we maintain it.

Speaking of meme magic:

We shall ascend from deplorables to implorables.  The left will come around and see debate and discussion as the way to express their ideas.  Otherwise, America will enter Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo.

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