#1: Why Empiricism Helped Trump Win

When people question the notion of the US actually electing literally Hitler, they need not be referred to but a single term: empiricism.  Empiricism is, in philosophy, defined as “the doctrine that all knowledge is derived from sense experience.”  There are things that can be learned through empirical evidence that cannot be learned from reading a book or an article or watching the news.


Kinda hard to learn anything useful from these guys anyway


What the people have seen from our new president as he was tirelessly campaigning across the country was that he actually cares about this nation and the people in it.  He raised millions of dollars for veterans.  He visited Louisiana as it was reeling from a flood-induced catastrophe and brought in a loaded truck full of supplies to donate to the victims.  He gave several speeches per day at the height of the race.  He went out of his way to sign autographs for people.  He bypassed the media to bring his ideas, unfiltered, directly to the American people via social media.  He took on the maelstrom of the mediocre media’s maleficent marketing for a Hillary Clinton victory and dismissed their rhetoric as the garbage it is.


By contrast, the media showed their true colors to millions of Americans.  Their deeply entrenched liberal bias is well-known – outright lies, half-hearted truths, spun narratives, extreme damage control – all to paint the right as Nazis and the left as victims and saints.  They smeared Donald Trump and anyone associated with him with every kind of conceivable insult.  And then they had the audacity to claim they were fighting “fake news.”  Textbook projection at its finest.


What are you implying, CNN?


And, of course, the Clinton campaign didn’t really give enough of a shit to try to win in the first place.  They hardly campaigned at all, and when they did, nobody showed up to their rallies anyway.  They lazily figured that the left’s control over the media would suffice enough to keep power.





Empiricism is important.  Actions speak louder than words.  What you do shows people much more about you than what you say.  And our senses tell us what to feel.  Humans are emotional and when it comes to making decisions, we will often go with our feelings.  American voters were swayed in favor of Donald Trump because they felt the effects of race-baiting narratives and lying politicians.  They felt the need for change.  And as the evidence accumulated to show just how much Obama’s policies have failed and how potentially disastrous Clinton’s promises were, the inevitability of a Trump presidency became clear, despite the howling of the dying left.


Racism, nor xenophobia, nor homophobia, nor transphobia, nor misogyny, nor bullying, nor hatred, nor evil, nor stupidity, nor bigotry, nor privilege, nor violent rhetoric, nor patriarchy, nor any other buzzword insult won the day.  No, millions of pissed-off, hardworking, decent Americans won.  And we’re gonna have a lot more winning.


(For more information about Donald Trump’s fight against the media in his climb to victory, check out The Untruth About Donald Trump.)

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